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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions (and the Answers)

The Cadet International Camporee – Camp Great Lakes – has been canceled due to the pandemic and related complications.  If you have further questions or comments, please let us know at


What are the dates of the 2021 Camporee?

The Camp Great Lakes Camporee has been canceled.

Why is the Camporee canceled?

The Executive Committee came to this difficult decision after weighing many factors, including:

  • Training – the pandemic has prevented many clubs from certifying their cadets and counselors
  • Travel – the likelihood of many people (cadets and counselors) traveling for camp is very low, especially across international borders
  • Timing – postponing Camp Great Lakes (again) will impact future International Camporees
  • Cost – it is not financially responsible for the Corps to push for International Camporee

Will Camporee 2023 be delayed?

Camporee 2023 will take place, Lord willing, in the summer of 2023 as scheduled.


Cornel Rylaarsdam Memorial Fund

Some families would like to send their son to an international camporee, but they simply don’t have the financial resources to make it work. The CRMF is available to help pay part or all of the registration fees for individuals who need help. The request is reviewed by the Steering Committee of the International Camporee.


Give to the Fund

Your contribution will give boys the opportunity to participate in this great adventure.