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About Camp Hickory

The 2023 Cadet International Camporee at Camp Hickory

Dunnville, Ontario – July 19-26

Keeping Busy Having Fun

Over the course of the Camporee, Cadets will get the chance to participate in a wide variety of activities at camp and off-site.

Here are just a few examples – we’ll keep adding info as it becomes available.

Archery & Riflery

Archery & Riflery

Cadets will get the opportunity to practice safe target practice under the supervision of experts.

Food & Meals

Food & Meals

The Camporee staff will deliver the ingredients for your meals. Everybody takes a turn cooking, and results may vary…

Adventure Games

Adventure Games

Cadets will test skills they didn’t know they had in a variety of unusual and fun challenges and games. Slingshots and/or motorcycle tires may be involved.

Assembly & Worship

Assembly & Worship

Cadets and counselors assemble for worship and special activities several times during the week.

Traveling to Camporee

We HIGHLY recommend a passport when traveling to Camporee for the smoothest border crossing.

If driving across, a passport card will work.

Cadets under the age of 16 can cross with a birth certificate but we do not recommend this if they are not traveling with a parent.

If you have more questions, please check the Travel Canada page at


Cornel Rylaarsdam Memorial Fund

Some families would like to send their son to an international camporee, but they simply don’t have the financial resources to make it work. The CRMF is available to help pay part or all of the registration fees for individuals who need help. The request is reviewed by the Steering Committee of the International Camporee.


Give to the Fund

Your contribution will give boys the opportunity to participate in this great adventure.